Memory-Map 6.4

Plan and review your travels with this GPS mapping tool

Memory-map is intended to help you plan and review your travels. The tool uses the global positioning system (GPS) to keep track of your route, which is marked on high-quality maps, by means of raster images. Luckily, there are many of these maps available.

Of course, you need a GPS device to benefit from all of its advantages, and, luckily, the program supports a wide array of models. In this respect, you can even use your smartphone’s GPS capabilities if you connect it to your PC. Finally, it is great that you can use a simulator in case you do not have any actual GPS device at hand.

The program has quite a straightforward interface, so you will have no difficulties to use it provide you have some experience with this type of tool. Most of the screen area is devoted to displaying the map and you can access the different functions via toolbar or menu. Luckily, it lets you visualize your maps not only in flat but 3D mode as well.

As said above, Memory-Map allows you to plan your route, tracks, and waypoints. But more than just that, it can help you live your adventures again by recreating your path as it also shows other relevant information, such as speed and distance. You can even create your own digital journal, to which you can add notes, pictures, and weblinks. Other features include the possibility of printing your maps as well as sharing your programmed routes by email or on the Memory-Map TrailZilla website.

All in all, despite there are many similar tools out there, Memory-map definitely has the advantage of allowing you to re-live your travels. The product is available for not only PCs but also portable devices. What is more, you can use your maps on up to five different devices.

Pedro Castro
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Review summary


  • Compatible with many types of GPS devices
  • Allows using a GPS simulator
  • Multiple high-quality maps available
  • Supports 3D viewing
  • Allows keeping a journal
  • Multiple ways to share your routes


  • Requires previous experience in using this type of tool
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