Memory-Map 5.0

Used by thousands of outdoor enthusiasts across the world
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The five essential benefits:

PLAN ROUTES - Use real colour maps on a PC, Pocket PC or Smartphone to help you find your way. Simply click on the map to plan your route and see leg distance, compass bearing, journey length and estimated trip time. You can even visualise your routes in a continuous 3D landscape.

PRINT MAPS - Create and print full colour personalised route maps at a scale of your choice. Add detailed notes to your maps and print your own route card. Long routes can be printed over several pages with automatic paging.

PROGRAM GPS -Essential for any GPS user, Memory-Map makes route and waypoint programming fast, easy and accurate. You can even transfer routes and tracks from a Pocket PC.

PLOT POSITION - Connect a GPS to a Laptop, Pocket PC or Smartphone for an off-road SatNav system. See your position real time on a moving map display.

PERFORMANCE REVIEW - Import tracks from a GPS to see exactly where you've been, your speed and distance covered. You can even monitor your heart rate along the way.

Main Features:
- 3D-World™ - visualise routes in continuous 3D landscape
- Create and save 3D Fly-through movies of routes and tracks
- Multi-page maps - print maps at any scale with automatic paging
- Multimedia Route Card – add notes, photos and hill profiles
- Route and track formats – choose styles and sizes
- Digital Map Server™ - download ultra-high resolution aerial photography (additional charges apply)
- Pocket Navigator™ - moving map Pocket PC navigation software with DigitalGPS™ data displays and advanced features including route planning, handheld GPS programming, and hill profiles!
- Performance Review Profiles – view speed, altitude and heart rate against GPS tracklog*
- Unrivalled GPS support
- Overlay Manager – easy to use route, track and waypoint organiser
- DigitalGPS - data displays for position, altitude, waypoint alarms, bearing, distance, VMG & ETA, destination ETA & distance, route cross track error

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